Build your smart electricity management business with Synergi

From zero to industry leading in matter of weeks


What is Synergi


Synergi is a Finnish technology company focusing on building solutions for households that they can use electricity smarter – when it makes sense. With experience of helping hundreds of households lower their electricity bill, Synergi also partners with businesses to help other get the benefits of smart electricity management.

Smart electricity product: from zero to industry-leading in no time

Synergi helps utility companies to create smart electricity management products for their customers and get the benefits involved. Users can benefit from the increased control possibilities from the Synergi platform, as well as smart insights. As of now Synergi platform is available as a web app.


Digital electricity management products for energy installer companies

Synergi also helps household energy installers to build digital interfaces for their customers. Synergi connects to solar panels, heat pumps and EV:s and enables your customer to make the most out of their new energy systems. Increase your customer satisfaction and increase your device sales by offering your own digital product.


Happy customers, better business

Flexible consumption benefits everyone involved – the end customer, the business offering it and the grid. Synergi’s software enables end users to automate their electricity consumption, by connecting their different energy resources into the platform and optimizing their consumption. Currently, we support almost all electric vehicle brands, and will soon expand to other household energy resources, such as heat pumps, smart thermostats, solar panels and inverters.

Start your electric journey today with Synergi.



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