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Fix your schedule settings to fit your lifestyle!

  • Balance comfort and cost by eliminating daily wasted energy.
  • Find the setting that’s costing you the most, and fix it, with Synergi’s scheduling tool.

* Upcoming: Save money with Synergi’s smart price optimization – just set your desired temperature and Synergi will work the rest.

Support for every household

Synergi currently supports Wifi-enabled Mitsubishi heat pumps. But if you have a Sensibo, you can make any air heat pump smart. We’ll add support for other heating and cooling devices in the future.


Frequently asked questions

  • How does Synergi Smart Climate work?

    To use Synergi Smart Climate, you set a preferred indoor temperature and Synergi handles the price and temperature optimization. The optimization works as follows:

    • Before high-price hours, your device uses cheap electricity to heat above or cool below your preferred temperature. During high-price hours, your device conserves energy, heating below / cooling above your preferred temperature. At other times, your devices keeps your preferred temperature. When prices are low for the whole day, we simply keep your preferred temperature.
    • Synergi uses local real-time electricity prices to optimize your heat pump temperature automatically. As the smart feature develops, we will add more options for temperature customization and electricity prices for you to get better insights into our suggested optimization.

    PS: Please note that your device maintains the temperature according to our optimization and is not powered off at any point. Moreover, the prices that you see in the app do not include taxes or your energy provider’s margin.

  • What types of heating & cooling devices do you support?

    We currently support heat pumps, AC remote controllers, and smart heaters. There’s two ways to use the smart climate feature:

    Via Sensibo: We can support all air heat pump devices via a Sensibo (AC remote control device). This helps us connect to the cloud of your Sensibo so we can control your heat pump remotely.

    Via wifi-enabled heat pumps: We natively support WiFi-enabled Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Adax, and Toshiba air heat pumps. Also, Wifi-enabled Adax heaters. If yours is on that list, you’re good to go. We will add native support to more heat pump brands in the near future. For example NIBE, Daikin, Bosch, and Viesmann.

    Additionally, we hope to support other type of heating and cooling devices (radiators, thermostats) in the near future.

    You can follow updates on new device support from our changelogs pinned to the website.

  • What do I need to connect my heating and cooling device to Synergi?

    If you have a WiFi-enabled Mitsubishi, Panasonic, and Toshiba heat pump or Adax heater, then nothing extra is needed. If your unit is not WiFi-enabled, then you’ll need a Sensibo device. You can purchase a Sensibo from the Synergi webshop.

    Native support for other heat pump brands like NIBE, Daikin, Bosch, Viesmann are coming soon. You can follow updates on new device support from our changelogs pinned to the website.

    Disclaimer: As we develop the mobile app further, so that it becomes the main way to use Synergi, some brands will not be fully supported via the web app in the near future.

  • How much can I realistically save with Synergi Smart Climate?

    According to Motiva, you could reduce your energy bills by five percent by lowering the heat pump temperature by one degree Celsius during the heating season. Additionally, using electricity during cheaper hours contributes to increased savings, which could sum up to 20% of total heat pump electricity costs.

  • How will optimizing heat pump temperature affect the performance of other heating devices at home?

    When Smart Climate lowers your heat pump temperature automatically, this could make other heating devices in your home work harder. The savings you can expect will be more significant when heat pumps are your primary source of heating and cooling at home.

  • Should I use Smart Climate when the prices are unusually high?

    There might be situations when the real-time electricity prices are unusually high. If those moments arise we recommend that you switch off your devices for maximum savings. Keep in mind that if you turn off your heat pump during a period of extreme frost, it is recommended that you wait until the temperature has warmed up before turning on the heat pump again.

  • Can I use Synergi Smart Climate in a remote location that’s not my primary residence?

    You can use Synergi Smart Climate in any of your private residences and manage those remotely. However, we recommend that the location is close enough if, within short notice, you need to turn on/off your device manually. In addition to Smart Climate we also recommend having other heating sources for remote locations.

  • Should I use the Synergi mobile app or web app?

    Short answer: If you want to use Smart Charging and Smart Climate, download the mobile app! Smart Solar (solar charging + solar monitoring) is coming to mobile before the 2024 summer.

    Long answer: When we started the company, we launched a web app to develop the product faster based on your wishes. However, a mobile application has been widely requested by most customers. We launched a mobile app at the end of 2023 with the EV smart charging feature. Smart Climate was also added recently, and Smart Solar will be added before the 2024 summer.

    The web app supports all smart features, but our mobile app will be the only application you will need to use Synergi in the future. If you want to use solar charging, you can use the mobile and web apps simultaneously with your Synergi credentials, for now.

  • Do I have to pay to use the app?

    If we don’t support your wifi-enabled heat pump and you want to use Synergi Smart Climate, we highly recommend getting a Sensibo device to connect any heat pump brand to Synergi. You can buy your own from Synergi’s own web shop.

    Other than that, Synergi and all the features you love to use are free. During 2024, we will make some of the smart features premium, meaning that some will be under a subscription. However, some features will always be free.

    We are also partnering with energy providers so that new audiences can find their way to Synergi and use the services you’re already using from us. So, you might see your energy provider joining Synergi very soon!

    While we work on fine-tuning pricing and getting energy companies on board, enjoy all features for free! We’ll inform you on the actual changes in good time.

  • Where does Synergi Smart Climate work?

    In addition to Finland, Synergi Smart Climate currently works in most Nord Pool markets: Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

  • Does the app collect information about me?

    The app collects only the necessary information, which is used to enable us to control your heating & cooling device (or optimize your heating). We will never store any of your login information.

  • How does Synergi protect my privacy and secure my device data?

    At Synergi, your data privacy and safety are a top priority. We never save or store device login information (username, password) on Synergi systems. We only partner with reliable and widely recognized device connecting providers to connect to your devices via cloud services.

  • How can I disconnect my heating and cooling device from Synergi?

    You can disconnect your device directly from the mobile app by clicking on “Disconnect vendor button.”

    Alternatively, you can disconnect your device by changing the password of your device login, which will remove Synergi’s access to your device at once.

  • How can I delete my Synergi account?

    If you use the mobile app, you can delete your account automatically from Settings > Delete account.

    If you use the web app, email us at [email protected] to delete your account. We delete your account and all your data from our platform and services.

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