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Fix your schedule settings to fit your lifestyle!

  • Balance comfort and cost by eliminating daily wasted energy.
  • Find the setting that’s costing you the most, and fix it, with Synergi’s scheduling tool.

* Upcoming: Save money with Synergi’s smart price optimization – just set your desired temperature and Synergi will work the rest.

Support for every household

Synergi currently supports Wifi-enabled Mitsubishi heat pumps. But if you have a Sensibo, you can make any air heat pump smart. We’ll add support for other heating and cooling devices in the future.


Frequently asked questions

  • How does Synergi Smart Climate work?

    To use Synergi Smart Climate, you set a preferred indoor temperature under “Smart Mode”, and Synergi handles the spot price optimization.

    When the prices rise, the temperature is lowered slightly without sacrificing your comfortability. In turn, when prices decrease, your target temperature is increased.

    Synergi uses local spot electricity prices to optimize your heat pump temperature automatically. As the smart feature develops, we will add more options for temperature customization and electricity prices for you to get better insights into our suggested optimization.

    Synergi Smart Climate also features “Control” and “Schedule” modes that allow you to do remote temperature control or set a heating or cooling schedule. However, these two modes do not do any spot price optimization, you have to use the “Smart” mode only.

  • What types of heating & cooling devices do you support?

    There’s two ways to use our spot price optimization feature for heat pumps:

    1. We can support all air heat pump devices via a Sensibo (AC remote control device). This helps us connect to the cloud of your Sensibo so we can control your heat pump remotely.
    2. We also natively support Wifi-enabled Mitsubishi air heat pumps. We will add native support to more heat pump brands in the near future. For example Daikin, Bosch, Viesmann are coming soon.

    Additionally, we hope to support other type of heating and cooling devices (radiators, thermostats) in the near future.

  • What do I need to connect my heating and cooling device to Synergi?

    You need a Sensibo for any brand you want to connect to Synergi or a Wifi-enabled Mitsubishi heat pump. Native support for other heat pump brands like Daikin, Bosch, Viesmann are coming soon.

  • Do I have to pay to use the app?

    If your heat pump is not wifi-controlled and you want to use Synergi, we highly recommend getting a Sensibo device to connect any heat pump brand to Synergi. You can buy your own from Synergi’s own web shop here.

    Other than that, the app and all essential services are currently free for users. However, a paid version of the Synergi app will be introduced at the beginning of 2024.

    We are also collaborating with utility companies so they can offer our app directly to you. That way, you will have a more centralized manner of dealing with all your electricity needs.

  • How much can I realistically save with Synergi Smart Climate?

    According to Motiva, you could reduce your energy bills by five percent by lowering the heat pump temperature by one degree Celsius during the heating season.

    Additionally, using electricity during cheaper hours contributes to increased savings, which could sum up to 20% of total heat pump electricity costs.

  • How will optimizing heat pump temperature affect the performance of other heating devices at home?

    When Smart Climate lowers your heat pump temperature automatically, this could make other heating devices in your home work harder. The savings you can expect will be more significant when heat pumps are your primary source of heating and cooling at home.

  • Should I use Smart Climate when the prices are unusually high?

    There might be situations when the spot electricity prices are unusually high. If those moments arise we recommend that you simply switch off your devices for maximum savings. In the future as we develop the feature further, you will receive notifications.

  • Does the service collect information about me?

    The service collects only the necessary information, which is used to enable us to control your heating & cooling device (or optimize your heating). We will never store any of your login information.

  • Do you have iPhone and Android apps?

    For now, Synergi offers a super flexible web app that works wonderfully on mobile and desktop. This enables us to develop the product faster based on your wishes (currently, we ship ~20 new weekly updates).

    The beta version of our iPhone and Android application will be released at the beginning of December 2023. However, the early version won’t include all smart features. We’ll start with Smart Charging and develop the rest of the features over time. If you want to use Smart Climate and other Smart Features we recommend sticking to the web app until further notice.

  • Is your application secure?

    Yes – your data privacy and safety are a top priority.

    We never save or store login information (username, password) on Synergi. In addition, we have partnered with the most robust Norwegian solar integration service to connect and communicate with your devices.

  • Where does Synergi work?

    We currently support heat pump owners in most European countries, such as Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and the UK.

  • How can I disconnect my heating and cooling device from Synergi?

    You can disconnect your device easily directly from the app by using the Disconnect vendor button.

    Alternatively, you can disconnect your heating & cooling device by changing the password of your device login (e.g., through your Mitsubishi app), which will remove Synergi’s access to your heat pump at once.

  • How can I delete my Synergi account?

    Email us at [email protected] if you wish to delete your Synergi account. We delete your account and all your data from our platform and services. 

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