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Smart charging for your electric car – save money and the environment

Charging black electric car at home inside the garage

As electricity prices rise, more and more people are interested in charging their electric cars at lower prices. At Synergi, we have developed a product solution that allows any electric car owner to charge their vehicle smarter – easily and for free.

Smart charging in a nutshell

Smart charging for electric vehicles is a system that allows electric vehicle owners to charge their cars more efficiently and at a lower cost. The system uses information from the grid and the electric vehicle owner’s usage habits to optimize charging. This lowers the overall cost of charging an electric vehicle by calculating when charging should occur to meet all requirements: low cost and when the car should be fully charged.

Benefits of smart charging

It is worth considering what difference this makes: Why should you smart charge; is it not enough to have power in the car? However, smart charging has several advantages for the electric car driver:

  • Cheaper charging costs: You can save up to 50% on charging your electric car if you have a spot-priced electricity contract.
  • Efficient use of electricity: Intelligent charging optimizes charging so that less energy is wasted during charging.
  • Reduced CO2 footprint: Electricity is generally cheaper when produced from renewable energy sources: on average, you charge 15% cleaner.
  • Make money from balancing the electricity grid: In 2023, participate in demand response with your electric car and earn money by momentarily and discreetly disconnecting your charge.

How does Synergi Smart Charging work?

We enable all of the above for electric car drivers through our Synergi app, which allows you to plug in your car, set your smart charging preferences, and enjoy the benefits of smart charging.

While you sleep soundly, we’ll take care of everything for you: When you plug in your car in the evening, we’ll calculate how much your car needs charging and determine when electricity is the cheapest. We then generate a charging schedule for your vehicle, which you can see on our web app anytime.

During the night, we’ll tell your car when it can charge and when it can’t. When you wake up, your vehicle will be fully charged (and hopefully so will you) for the day’s driving and chores.

Supported cars for Smart Charging

All electric cars can be smart charged. Certain car brands have limitations that will hopefully be removed in the coming years.

At Synergi, we currently support smart charging for Audi, BMW, Citroen, Cupra, DS, Fiat Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Mini, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo (hybrids only). Check the full EV list here.

We are constantly adding car brands, so if your car brand needs to be listed and you want to see it there, please drop us a line.

Get started on your smart charging journey – join Synergi!

Harri Iisakka