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The only electricity control
app you’ll ever need

Link your devices and optimize energy usage with our smart features. No extra hardware needed!

Electric vehicles

Charge cheaply at home

Connect your EV to Synergi and save up to 50% on charging costs. Synergi smart charging automatically uses the cheapest hours of the day to charge your EV and help you reduce emissions.


Solar Panels

Utilize your own energy to the fullest.

Link your inverter and make the smartest moves with your own clean energy. Use self-produced power for EV solar charging and solar monitoring to get insights into your production like never before.

Heat pumps

Optimize your indoor climate 

Link your heat pump to Synergi and live comfortably for the lowest possible price. Use spot prices to optimize the temperature in your space and control your heat pumps in all your residences remotely.


Say Goodbye to Manual Energy Control with Synergi

Save +500€ annually by charging your EV with Synergi

Step 1:
Log in and Link


Get started with Synergi by logging in and linking your devices (EVs,
heat pumps or solar panels). No extra hardware is needed – it’s as easy as it gets!

Step 2:
Set up your preferences

With Synergi, you’re in control. Use and customize the smart features of your choice! Set preferences for smart & solar charging, set usage limits for home heating & cooling systems, and others!

Step 3:
Enjoy the savings


With Synergi, you can reduce your energy bills easily.
Sit back and enjoy the savings while we optimize your
electricity consumption to happen when it makes sense.

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