/  Antti Hämmäinen

Announcing our pre-seed round from Lifeline Ventures and APX to start decarbonizing the grid

a team photo inside an office showing all the founders of the Finnish company Synergi

We’ve raised 800k€ from top European funds to help households decarbonize the grid and boost energy transition.

We at Synergi have been hands-full this fall, building the product and laying out the company building blocks. Today, we are excited to announce that we have raised an 800k€ funding round from Lifeline VenturesAPXWave VenturesTK VenturesCape Capital, and Kenneth Blomqvist.

Lifeline Ventures, the lead investor in this round, is most known for investing in companies such as Wolt, Smartly, and Supercell. “We are very happy to team up with Antti, Harri, and Petrus. They are one of the most promising and most ambitious teams from the Finnish startup ecosystem – building an important company with a substantial addressable market”, says Juha Lindfors, partner at Lifeline Ventures.

APX is a joint venture backed by the car manufacturer Porsche. The most notable investments of APX include companies such as N26 and getquin. Synergi is APX’s first investment in Finland. “Synergi is an exciting team working on a progressively pressing challenge – demand response. We are thrilled to support them in realizing their vision to turn households into active contributors in the energy sector. “, says Joerg Rheinboldt, Managing Director of APX.

Our vision is bold. We want to decarbonize the power grid by providing enough demand-side flexibility so that every economy can rapidly and smoothly transition from fossil fuels to renewables. To achieve it, we need great supporters. With the help of this funding, we will release our product to a broader audience in early 2023.

At first, our software lets you connect your electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) to our platform and smartly charge them. Later in 2023, we will enable you to connect your solar production, heat pumps, water boilers, and other significant household energy resources to the platform and use them smartly. Participating in demand response requires synergy between us and homes. To meet the demand response market requirements, we need enough homes to join!

We are currently running a pilot with our awesome customers, and we will start onboarding more people in December. If you want to be the first one to save some money with smart electricity consumption, sign up for our waitlist, this is something you don’t want to miss out on.

We are also looking to hire exceptional people for our team. If you want to work with us to boost the energy transition, head to our careers page to read more and apply. 

Finally, we thank our early supporters for your irreplaceable help so far. We look forward to building Synergi(es) with you!

– Antti, Harri & Petrus ⚡️

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Antti Hämmäinen