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3 reasons why heat pumps are the best devices for heating and cooling homes


When looking at the domain of heating and cooling solutions, heat pumps have changed how we keep our homes comfortable. Simply put, a heat pump is a device that can warm and cool your home. It works like an air conditioner that can also heat your home, but uses less energy than other heating methods. Instead of creating heat like gas or electric heaters, heat pumps move heat around using less electricity.

There are four kinds of heat pumps: Air, Water, Ground, and Waste heat. The ones we often use at home are air and water heat pumps. As they’ve gotten better over time, heat pumps are now a green and efficient way to manage our home’s temperature. Many are internet-connected, offering new ways to enhance their usage. In this blog, we’ll talk about why heat pumps are the best devices for heating and cooling your home, both for your wallet and the environment. We’ll also discuss how they save energy and can be used throughout the year.

1.Heat pumps save you money

Heat pumps don’t make heat. They take the air from inside or outside your house and move it around to warm or cool a space. This uses less energy than old-style heating systems that burn fuel. Because they’re so efficient, heat pumps can lower your energy bills.

Studies in countries like the US and UK show how much you can save with heat pumps. In the US, you might save $950 each year on utility bills by switching from a fuel oil furnace. In the UK, some studies say you could cut 40% off your monthly electricity bill.

One drawback is the initial cost to install heat pumps. But there are affordable options now like subscribing to a heat pump service, using government incentives to lower the cost, and using apps (like Synergi’s) to adjust heating & cooling based on real-time electricity prices to save even more.

Pairing your heat pumps with Synergi can help you save up to 20% off your heat pump heating costs!

2.Heat pumps work even in cold climates

Many people think heat pumps don’t work in cold weather. But in cold countries like Finland, Norway, and Sweden, they have the most heat pumps per 1000 homes in Europe. Even when it’s really cold in winter, these countries use heat pumps as a main heating source. Since the 2000s, their use has been growing. The reason is simple – these countries don’t have access to affordable gas like other parts of Europe. Hence, they rely on heat pumps, which are cheaper to operate compared to traditional heating sources. However, new heat pump makers like Bosch have released new heat pump models that can perform better in cold climates.

Growth of yearly heat pump sales from 1990-2022 in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Source: SwitchedOn

3.Heat pumps are better for the environment

Heat pumps are more eco-friendly than oil or gas heaters because they use electricity. If your electricity comes from a clean source (like solar, hydro, nuclear, etc), your home heating will be cleaner too! Heat pumps can help us reduce global emissions by 500 million tons. This is like removing all cars in Europe from the roads. So, it’s a big step towards less pollution. It’s not surprising that groups like the International Energy Agency think heat pumps are important for clean heating around the world.

Ready to electrify your heating?

To sum up, heat pumps have changed how we control temperature at home. They are versatile, save energy, money, and and are good for the environment. If more people start using heat pumps, it will help us have a more green and sustainable future.

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