Power Your EV with 100% Sunshine

Save around 150€ per year in transmission fees and charge your EV for free. Coming soon to mobile app!
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Charge your EV at zero cost and with zero emissions

Synergi solar charging optimizes your EV charging to happen during sunny hours when free & emission-free electricity is available. Automatically!

  • Works with existing hardware – just connect your EV and solar inverter
  • Charge with free solar energy instead of grid power to reduce your energy bill
  • Match your vehicle charging to the times of your own solar production. This allows you to entirely self-consume the solar power you generate.


Start charging in minutes! ☀️

Get started by linking your electric vehicle and solar inverter. We support roughly 90% of all EV brands and the most popular inverter brands. The brands supported by Synergi do not indicate affiliation.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Synergi Solar Charging?

    Solar charging means that if you have solar panels and an electric vehicle at home, you can use your own produced solar power, instead of grid power, to charge your EV and reduce your charging and transmission costs.

    With Solar Charging, you can match EV charging with the times of the day when your solar panels produce the most power. This enables you to consume all the solar energy you generate.

  • What do I need to connect my EV and solar inverter to Synergi?

    You need your electric vehicle and its login credentials. The same goes for your inverter as we connect directly to the cloud software of your inverter.

    Please note this feature is currently supported on the web app. We are working on adding Solar Charging to the mobile app before the 2024 summer.

    You can follow updates on new device support and mobile app development from our Changelogs pinned to the website.

  • Which EVs and solar inverters do you support?

    Synergi supports all the most popular EV and solar inverter brands out there. You can see all supported EV models here and inverter models here.


  • Should I use the Synergi mobile app or web app?

    Short answer: If you want to use Solar Charging you should use the web app for now. If you want to use Smart Charging or Smart Climate you can use the web and mobile apps simultaneously with the same credentials.

    Long answer: When we started the company, we launched a web app to develop the product faster based on your wishes. However, a mobile application has been widely requested by most customers. We launched a mobile app at the end of 2023 with the EV smart charging feature. Smart Climate was also added recently, and Smart Solar will be added before the 2024 summer.

  • Where does Synergi Solar Charging work?

    We currently support EV and solar inverter owners in most European countries, such as Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, and Great Britain.

  • Do I have to pay to use the app?

    For now, Synergi and all the features you love to use are free. During 2024, we will make some of the smart features premium, meaning that some will be under a subscription. However, some features will always be free.

    We are also partnering with energy providers so that new audiences can find their way to Synergi and use the services you’re already using from us. So, you might see your energy provider joining Synergi very soon!

    While we work on fine-tuning pricing and getting energy companies on board, enjoy all features for free! We’ll inform you on the actual changes in good time.

  • Does the app collect information about me?

    The app collects only the necessary information, which is used to enable us to control your EV and inverter. We never store any of your login information.

  • How does Synergi protect my privacy and secure my device data?

    At Synergi, your data privacy and safety are a top priority.

    We never save or store device login information (username, password) on Synergi systems. We only partner with reliable and widely recognized device connecting providers to connect to your devices via cloud services.

  • How can I disconnect my devices from Synergi?

    Since Solar Charging is currently supported via the web app, to disconnect your device, go to Settings > Manage device vendors > Disconnect.

    Alternatively, you can disconnect your device by changing the password of your device login (e.g., through your Huawei app), which will remove Synergi’s access to your device at once.

  • How can I delete my Synergi account?

    Since Solar Charging is currently supported via the web app, email us at [email protected] if you wish to delete your Synergi account. We delete your account and all your data from our platform and services. If you also use the mobile app, you can delete your account automatically from Settings > Delete account.

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