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Synergi releases one of the first electric vehicle solar charging services in Finland


In addition to EV smart charging and solar monitoring, Synergi’s smart electricity platform now supports EV solar charging and remote control of heat pumps. Solar charging could help customers charge their EVs for free.

Helsinki (August 23, 2023) –  Synergi, a Finnish technology company accelerating the transition toward sustainable energy sources with smart software solutions for consumers and businesses, announces it is extending its services for consumers to charge their electric vehicles with their solar power and remote control of heat pumps. 

With Synergi’s solar charging service, consumers can use the energy produced by their solar panels to charge their electric vehicle (EV) and optimize charging during sunny hours when free and emission-free electricity is available. By charging an EV with solar power, consumers could save around 150 euros per year in transmission fees and charge their vehicles for free.** 

Synergi solar charging service uses actual solar inverter data, accurately estimating solar production at any given moment. This reduces the amount of electricity purchased, maximizes the value of the investment done in both solar panels and EVs and improves grid resilience when consumption occurs where generation also takes place. 

“With more “micro-producers,” the power grid can become strained. In some EU countries, like the Netherlands, consumers may have to pay to sell their excess electricity. Households should therefore use all the electricity they produce. Since charging EVs uses a lot of electricity, pairing them with solar power is ideal,” says Antti Hämmäinen, CEO & Co-founder of Synergi. 

Through Synergi’s Heat Pump Control, consumers can adjust and schedule the temperature settings of the increasingly popular heat pump remotely and in real-time. Consumers can connect several heat pumps to the same platform at different locations, and their schedules and settings can be set automatically using the app. 

“For instance, Finland is a suitable market to launch a product like this for households because it already has 1.2 million air source heat pumps. There are 20 million air-source heat pumps in Europe, and the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that by 2050 their number worldwide will be 1.8 billion. In the future, our users will save even more as they can control their heat pump according to the electricity prices,” says Hämmäinen.

With its growing service offering, Synergi’s platform aims to solve the challenges created by the transition to renewable energy sources. In the energy market, challenges are caused by, for example, maintaining the power balance of the energy grid and the electricity price fluctuations, which has also made consumers think about their energy efficiency more than ever. At the same time, the European Union’s carbon neutrality goal puts pressure on individuals to reduce emissions.

Synergi’s product vision is to remove the need to manually think about electricity consumption by developing more features in the platform, allowing users to further optimize electricity consumption on additional preferences such as electricity prices, weather, solar production, and more. In addition to Finland, Synergi’s platform works in over 13 countries. 

**Calculation done with Finnish consumption stats. 


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Synergi is a Finnish technology company accelerating the transition toward sustainable energy sources with smart software solutions tailored to businesses and consumers.

Synergi’s ready-to-deploy smart electricity management platform enables utility companies to take their offering to the next level. The platform integrates with most major home electrical devices to make their customers’ energy consumption efficient while elevating customer satisfaction and increasing revenue with reward programs for end-users.

Synergi smart electricity app is currently free for households to use. Getting started happens in three easy steps:

  1. Log in and link devices: Electric vehicles, heating & cooling devices, solar systems, and more—no extra hardware needed.
  2. Set up preferences: Users decide on charging, home heating & cooling preferences and set usage limits.
  3. Enjoy the savings: Synergi automatically optimizes a user’s consumption by using electricity when it’s cheap. Users reduce their energy bills without a fuss.

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