/  Antti Hämmäinen

We are live! Introducing the Synergi Smart Electricity App


Today we are opening the Synergi app to all households in Europe. We’ve waived off the “beta-phase” sign from the front door and are open for business.

Now electric vehicle owners from Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and the UK can start using the Synergi app and smart charge their electric vehicles. Even though you wouldn’t have an EV or hybrid – don’t stop reading just yet. Our app will soon launch new products which will surely be relevant to all electricity consumers – including you!


Synergi app availability in Europe

How it all started 

Synergi was founded in 2022 amidst the European energy crisis, with the clear purpose of addressing the pressing challenges that arise during the transition to fully sustainable energy sources. These challenges include grid inflexibility and increased volatility of electricity prices, which demand innovative solutions to achieve a more sustainable future. We combined those challenges with households’ pressing need to lower electricity costs and started to build an all-in-one smart electricity app covering electric vehicles and all major home electrical devices.

So, today is a big day for us! Synergi has been incorporated for precisely 7 months and 25 days, and already hundreds of households around Europe are using Synergi to reduce their electricity bill daily.

Smart charging has been around for a few years, but it’s time to make it the new market standard. Too many electric vehicle owners charge their cars at suboptimal times and use electricity simply at the wrong times. There will be 40 million electric vehicles driving around Europe by 2030, and we must have solutions on how to charge those sustainably for the grid, the environment, and people’s wallets.

Our job at Synergi is to enable this. We want to provide everyone the opportunity to optimize their electricity consumption. EVs are only the beginning for us – we know only some people have an EV, so we are working hard to push new devices to our app, such as heating, cooling, and solar systems, to ensure everyone can benefit from our software.

How does Synergi work?

But the million-dollar question is, how does Synergi work in practice and how can you be part of it? Rather simple, getting started with Synergi happens in three easy steps:

  1. Log in and link devices: Electric vehicles, heating & cooling, solar systems, and more. No extra hardware needed!*
  2. Set up preferences: Decide when you want your car to be charged, home heating & cooling preferences, and set usage limits.
  3. Enjoy the savings: Synergi automatically optimizes a user’s consumption by using electricity when it’s cheap. Users reduce their energy bills without a fuss.

*Solar & Heating & Cooling will be released in Q2. Some heating & cooling units might require an additional air conditioning controller. 

What is next? 

We are genuinely excited about the ambitious target we’ve set for ourselves. Our goal is to enable a zero-carbon economy for everyone, and it’s a mission we couldn’t do alone. We believe in the power of collaborating wherever possible, and we will soon tell you more about all the different ways we can support households in Finland and beyond. We’re also always looking for new partnerships as we continue to build our product and presence in Europe.

Since its incorporation last fall, Synergi has grown to consist of 7 amazing and unique team members. I couldn’t be happier with the people I have the chance to work with every day. We hope you’ll love using our products as much as we love building them.


Antti Hämmäinen

CEO, Synergi

Antti Hämmäinen