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How to survive your first EV road trip – 3 tips to succeed


Summer is the prime time for road trips, but as a new EV owner, your first longer drive might raise some concerns. What should you know before the road trip? How should you prepare for it and manage charging on the road? We have gathered three tips to ensure the success of your summer adventure.

We collected advice from experienced electric vehicle owners in various Facebook groups, so these tips are based on practical experience and are thus guaranteed quality!

Read the tips below to focus on enjoying the drive & views!

1. Prepare in advance – the basics of EV charging

The most crucial step before heading out on a road trip is to understand how and in what ways you can charge your EV on the road. Check out the different charging providers and their payment methods, and download the necessary apps.

Once you’ve gone through these first steps, tested out a few charging stations nearby, and used Synergi smart charging at home prior to hopping on the road to minimize your charging costs ;), you’ll handle the charging confidently and seamlessly during your trip. When booking accommodations, check also if they offer charging.

2. Familiarize yourself with your EV’s charging curve

Your road trip will be smoother if you understand your EV’s performance well, especially its charging curve. Ask other owners of the same car brand about their experiences and search for your car’s charging curve online. The charging curve indicates how quickly your car accepts power at different stages of charging. Essentially, it reflects the charging speed of the EV. For instance, some EV’s, such as Teslas, charge faster when the vehicle’s battery level is low.

Volkswagen ID.3 charging curve
Example of the charging curve of the Volkswagen ID.3.
Source: Laturille.com/Antti Rantanen, original image: SpeakEV.com

The charging curves can vary significantly between different car brands, and by studying your car’s curve, you will know when charging is the most profitable and efficient. Plan your charging stops during your trip accordingly.

3. Charging on the road – remember to recharge yourself too!

Try and avoid range anxiety by preparing your route according to the possible charging points. You can use dedicated apps like Plugshare, which works internationally, or Latauskartta.fi, if you’re traveling in Finland.

There are a few options for charging your EV during the trip. If you want to cover as much distance as possible in a short amount of time, it’s advisable to optimize the battery charge level to be low when arriving at a charging point. This way, the battery will accept power more quickly, reducing the charging time required. The farther you can drive on a single charge, the more distance you can cover in one go. This also decreases the likelihood of frequent stops. In this case, it’s important to check for alternative charging options near the planned charging point as well. Factors such as different weather conditions can affect battery consumption, so having multiple charging alternatives nearby provides security.

However, if you prefer a more relaxed schedule, you can follow the “ABC: Always Be Charging” guideline. This means charging whenever possible. In this case, you don’t need to worry about having a high battery charge level since you can confidently start charging even when the battery is at around 50 percent or higher. Additionally, following the ABC strategy, you don’t need to be concerned about extracting maximum power from every charging station you use. The most important thing is to enjoy the journey and ensure that you have sufficient charge in the battery. If you’re not in a rush to reach your next destination, following the ABC rule of thumb may be suitable for you. So, choose your approach based on your preferences, taking into account the lessons from your car’s charging curve.

Most importantly, remember to recharge yourself when driving. Time your EV charging breaks in a way that allows you to enjoy some lunch or coffee. At the same time, you can plan where to charge your car next.

+ Flexibility & backup plans

As always with traveling, it’s good to be prepared for anything when embarking on your summer road trip. Equip yourself with a flexible attitude and a travel mindset, knowing that you might need to take a detour in search of charging points. As mentioned before, consider alternative charging stations beforehand in case one charger is out of order. It’s also always a good idea to save the roadside assistance number in your phone in case of unexpected events!

The Synergi team wishes you an awesome road trip with these three tips. Remember to smart charge with Synergi before and after your trip – it’s the easiest way to save on your electricity bill (goes straight to the travel budget!) & monitor your charging statistics.

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