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The ideal charging solution for drivers with spot-price contracts

Synergi smart charging automatically uses the cheapest hours of the day to charge your vehicle at home. Just plug in your EV, select when it should be fully charged the next day, and Synergi does the price optimization for you.


Smart charging with Synergi has many benefits:

Save money: Automatically charge during the cheapest hours of the day and put those savings in your pocket.

Reduce emissions: Save CO2 emissions by charging when electricity is mainly coming from renewable sources.

Avoid hassle: Worry less about volatile electricity prices. Our software does the price optimization for you.

Save +500€ annually by charging your EV with Synergi

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Link your vehicle to Synergi in minutes

We support 90% of EV brands without extra hardware. You only need an electric vehicle and login credentials. We connect directly to the vehicle’s software – as easy as it gets to start saving.

The EV brands supported by Synergi do not indicate affiliation.

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Got solar panels at home? ☀️

Plug into Synergi Solar Charging and power your EV with your own emission-free electricity! Simply link your EV and solar inverter to our app and enjoy the power of the sun to charge your EV for free.

Learn more about Synergi Solar Charging




Frequently asked questions

  • What is smart charging?

    Smart charging means charging your car when the electricity is cheapest (based on the spot prices) and greenest, meaning that renewables predominantly produce it.

    All of this happens automatically, and all you have to do is create a Synergi account, connect your EV, and set up your charging preferences. All done within a few minutes.

  • How does Synergi Smart Charging differ from others?

    Thousands of EV drivers trust Synergi Smart Charging because of its accuracy, simplicity, and straightforwardness in generating savings. Here are a few other reasons aswell:

    • At the moment, Synergi works as a browser-based application which has enabled us to develop the product faster. iOS and Android applications are coming later this year.
    • We only optimize the charging in saved locations, which is why there is no need to switch off Synergi separately outside the home (e.g. at public charging points).
    • We offer solar charging for the most popular inverter brands, allowing us to serve more users who have both EV and solar panels at home.
    • We optimize charging via Tesla’s native charging schedules, eliminating the risk of Phantom Drain.

  • What do I need to join Synergi?

    You need an electric vehicle. That’s it.

    No need for extra hardware as we optimize the charging completely with software through the car’s cloud services.

  • Do I have to pay to use the app?

    Currently, the app and all essential services are free for users. As the app develops and we get your valuable feedback, we might add some paid premium features later.

    We are also collaborating with utility companies so they can offer our app services directly to you. That way, you will have a more centralized manner of dealing with all your electricity needs.

  • Do you have iPhone and Android apps?

    Not yet. Currently, Synergi offers only a web app that works with both mobile and desktop. This enables us to develop the product faster based on your wishes (currently we ship ~20 new updates to the product per week). As a positive thing, the app works also with desktops.


    We’ll start developing iPhone and Android apps at the end of the year. So, no worries – your wishes have been heard!

  • What if I need to charge my car immediately?

    No worries. You can toggle on ‘Instant charging‘ on the platform if you need to charge your car immediately.

    Note that this charging is likely more expensive and less green than Smart Charging.

  • Is your application secure?

    Yes – your data privacy and safety are a top priority.

    We never save or store vehicle login information (username, password) on Synergi. In addition, we have partnered with the most robust Norwegian EV integration service to connect and communicate with your vehicle.

  • Where does Synergi work?

    Synergi helps EV drivers charge smarter all around Europe. Currently, supported countries include:

    Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and the UK.

  • How can I disconnect my car from Synergi?

    You can disconnect your car easily directly from the app by using the Disconnect vendor button.

    Alternatively, you can disconnect your car by changing the password of your car login (e.g., through your Audi or Tesla app), which will remove Synergi’s access to your car at once.

  • How can I delete my Synergi account?

    Email us at [email protected] if you wish to delete your Synergi account. We delete your account and all your data from our platform and services. 

  • Do you support other electric devices in addition to electric vehicles?

    We also support solar inverters and heat pumps. If you wish to see your heat pump or solar inverter brand or any other electric devices supported faster, email us at [email protected].

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