/  Harri Iisakka

How a Synergi user saved +100€ in under two months with electric vehicle smart charging

Electric vehicle charging at home inside the garage

EV (electric vehicle) ownership is on the rise, and with that comes the need for efficient and cost-effective charging options. That’s where Synergi comes in.

Synergi in a nutshell

Synergi’s software optimizes EV charging by shifting it to the cheapest hours based on real-time electricity pricing. This means that instead of charging your EV during peak hours when electricity is expensive, you can wait until off-peak hours when prices are lower.

As a Synergi user, you must register and add your car to the platform, and we take care of the rest automatically. Read below how one of our customers saved +100€ in less than two months.

Saving +100€ in 50 days with Synergi

One of our pilot users has been using our software for some time and has been pleasantly surprised by the results. He is charging his Volkswagen eUP and Tesla Model 3 at home while having a spot-priced electricity contract.

In late November, he joined Synergi’s pilot, intending to schedule charging to the cheapest hours. After using Synergi for just two months, he saved over 100€ on his electricity bill. By automatically charging his EV during the most affordable hours, he reduced the cost per kWh from an average of €0.20 to €0.11 in December ’22 and January ’23. This added up to significant savings over the course of ~50 days.

In addition to the cost savings, this pilot customer appreciated the convenience of fully automatic and trouble-free software. Moreover, he avoided much manual work thanks to our software fully automating the charging scheduling according to current electricity prices.

If you’re an EV driver looking to save money on your charging costs, look no further – join Synergi! ⚡️

Harri Iisakka