Reports for EV charging

Do you receive a car benefit and have a spot price electricity contract? We help you report your EV charging expenses to your employer, tax authorities, and yourself! Join Synergi to begin saving on our EV charging costs!
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EV charging reporting made easy! 

Synergi simplifies tracking your EV charging costs, even with spot prices!

  • No additional equipment needed – simply download the app and link your EV. 
  • Our reports enable you to claim reimbursement from your employer for EV charging.
  • It’s all automatic: Connect your EV to the app, input your charging location for accurate pricing, and charge hassle-free.

Download Synergi and we’ll monitor your EV charging!

You can start tracking your charging by connecting your EV to the app. We support roughly 90% of all EV brands. 

The EV brands supported by Synergi do not indicate affiliation.

Try it out today!

The report includes:

  • Location
  • Start and end time
  • Price including tax
  • Margin in your contract
  • Transfer fee including taxes

Synergi works with all EV chargers !


How does the service work?

To gather data on your charging sessions, simply follow three easy steps:

  1. Download the Synergi app and create an account
  2. Link your EV to the app
  3. Add your charging location

Adding your location is vital for accurate pricing information retrieval. It should match where your charging occurs. Smart charging doesn’t need to be activated for data collection for the reports.

The reports only include charging data starting from when you create your account with Synergi and link your EV, not before that.

How do I order a report?

You can easily order your report by emailing us at s[email protected] with the following information:

  • Synergi user email
  • Timeframe for the report
  • Margin (c/kWh)
  • Transfer fee (c/kWh)

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Smart Charging?

    Smart charging means charging your car when the electricity is cheapest (based on real-time electricity prices) and greenest, meaning that renewables predominantly produce it.

    All of this happens automatically, and all you have to do is download the Synergi mobile app, connect your EV, and set up your charging preferences. All done within a few minutes.

  • What do I need to use Synergi Smart Charging?

    To use Synergi Smart Charging, you only need an electric vehicle. Plus, the charger you have at home or in any of your private residences where you want to use Smart charging. Then, you have to download our app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

    That’s it. No additional hardware is needed. Synergi optimizes your EV charging by connecting to the car’s cloud services.

  • How does Synergi Smart Charging differ from others?

    Thousands of EV drivers trust Synergi Smart Charging because of its accuracy and simplicity in generating savings. Here are a few other reasons:

    • We only optimize the charging in saved locations, which is why there is no need to switch off Synergi separately outside the home (e.g. at public charging points).
    • We offer EV solar charging for the most popular inverter brands, allowing us to serve more users who have both EV and solar panels at home. EV solar charging is coming soon to the mobile app!

  • Can I set a “State of Charge” charge limit with Synergi?

    We recommend that if your vehicle manufacturer allows you to set an SoC limit from their app, you do so. Some EV manufacturers make this possible today. However, this is yet to be possible via Synergi but is part of our feature development roadmap. All future mobile app developments are informed via our Changelogs and email newsletters, so stay tuned!

  • What if I need to charge my car immediately?

    No worries. You can toggle on ‘Instant charging‘ on the mobile app if you need to charge your car immediately. Note that this charging is likely more expensive and less green than Smart Charging.

  • Do I have to pay to use the app?

    Starting March 31, 2024, we are introducing app subscriptions. This will let us improve the app with more features, devices, and brands! There will be two subscription types: Premium and Basic. If you’re new, you can try Premium for a month for free. Basic is free!

    Premium (€4.99/month) allows you to connect, monitor, control and optimize device usage. It includes: all smart features, viewing stats for most compatible devices and customer support via email and Whatsapp.

    Basic (€0/month) allows you connect, monitor and control multiple devices. Support is only available via email.


  • Can I get a report of my Smart Charging sessions to share with my housing company?

    Yes! We are happy to share a PDF report of your smart and non-smart charging sessions. We can generate this report for you and hope to add an automated way for you to request the information directly from the Synergi mobile app in the future.

    In the meantime, please send us your report requests to [email protected]. When sending us an email, please add the following information so we can process your request as soon as possible: Timeframe (Start date – End date). Email that you use in the Synergi app. If you want transmission costs and margin included in the report, please add that too!

    This feature is currently available for users in Finland. Please note the reports only include charging data starting from when you create your account with Synergi and link your EV, not before that.

  • Where does Synergi Smart Charging work?

    Synergi helps EV drivers charge smarter all around Europe. Currently, supported countries include: Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, and Great Britain.

  • How can I disconnect my car from Synergi?

    You can disconnect your car directly from the mobile app by clicking on “Disconnect vendor button.”

    Alternatively, you can disconnect your car by changing the password of your car login (e.g., through your Audi or Tesla app), which will remove Synergi’s access to your car at once.

  • How can I delete my Synergi account?

    In the mobile app you can delete your account automatically from Settings > Delete account.

    You can also email us at [email protected] to delete your account. We delete your account and all your data from our platform and services.

  • Do you support other devices besides electric vehicles?

    Yes, we support solar inverters and heating and cooling devices like heat pumps. You can read more about our Smart Solar and Smart Climate features from their respective pages.

    If you wish to see your heat pump or solar inverter brand or any other devices supported faster, email us at [email protected]. You can follow updates on new device support from our changelogs pinned to the website.

  • How does Synergi protect my privacy and secure my device data?

    At Synergi, your data privacy and safety are a top priority.

    We never save or store device login information (username, password) on Synergi systems. We only partner with reliable and widely recognized device connecting providers to connect to your devices via cloud services.

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