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Announcing Synergi app pricing to bring more smart features and device integrations to users


More than a year ago, we began building the Synergi app with a bunch of invested users to create a product that makes using electricity smarter. Now, a year later, we can see that our app is bringing many benefits to our users, like savings and peace of mind.

In addition to our existing core intelligent features, such as Smart Charging, Smart Climate, and Smart Solar, we want to deliver more value to our users by adding more device integrations, more value-adding features, new supported brands, and a better overall app experience. To achieve this, we have decided to introduce pricing for the Synergi app.

For the past year, one of the most frequently asked questions from users and the media has been, “Why is your app free?”. The real and simple answer is because we did not want to rush into it. We wanted to take the time to build a model that would work for us as a business and is based on feedback from our users and their needs.

The new Synergi app pricing will take effect from 31.3.2024 onwards for all new users. If you download Synergi app and create and create an account before 31.3.2024 you will get a free Premium subscription at least until the end of 2024 (31.12.2024). All new users that join Synergi after 31.3.2024 will receive a one-month free trial of Premium. Afterwards, anyone can sign up to use the Basic subscription at zero cost.

Below, you can see the subscriptions and a list of the most common questions that might arise from this new update.


What is Synergi?

For those new to Synergi, we are a Finnish technology company accelerating the transition toward sustainable energy sources with smart software solutions tailored to businesses and consumers. For consumers, we offer a mobile app that optimizes household electricity consumption. We offer electricity providers our application as a ready-to-use solution for their customers to help them use electricity efficiently.

Who is Synergi app for?

The Synergi app is perfect for those who want to automatically optimize electricity usage during low-cost hours, without needing extra equipment. It currently works for homes with spot price contracts and devices like electric vehicles, heating/cooling systems, and solar panels.

Why should I pay for Synergi app?

The Synergi app offers several benefits that justify its cost over time:

    • Save money: Our EV Smart Charging has helped our users save up to 70% on yearly electricity bills. With features like Smart Climate you can enjoy a 20% reduction in electricity costs during heating season! As we introduce more smart features, you can anticipate even more savings over time!
    • Reduce emissions: Using devices like electric vehicles or heat pumps already reduces your emissions, but tools like the Synergi app further decrease them. With Synergi app, you use electricity when it mostly comes from renewable sources.
    • Peace of mind: Electricity prices change all the time. The Synergi app consistently identifies the cheapest hours to use electricity. So, no need to wake up in the middle of the night to charge your EV or manually monitor electricity prices!

What features are paid and which are free?

With the paid Premium subscription, you can connect multiple smart devices and use all intelligent features such as Smart Charging, Smart Climate, and soon, Solar Charging. Enjoy multi-channel customer support via WhatsApp and email.

With the free Basic subscription, you can connect multiple smart devices and access standard features in the future such as solar power monitoring and live control for heating and cooling.

How will a partnership with my electricity provider affect my pricing?

Some electricity providers will partner with Synergi and offer Premium to their users for free or at a reduced price. If your electricity provider is not a Synergi partner you can still subscribe to Premium or Basic.

Will there be a way for me to earn money with Synergi app?

Our app simplifies how people use electricity. While it currently focuses on users with spot/dynamic price contracts, we want to encourage everyone, including those with fixed-price contracts, to use electricity wisely. In the future, we plan to introduce reward programs, allowing users to earn money by using electricity at optimal times for the electrical grid. You’ll hear more about this in the future!

What else is coming this year to the app?

This year, we’re expanding our devices’ range of supported brands and enhancing core smart features with additional functionalities. We are already developing EV solar charging for mobile, other new smart features, and device integrations such as smart meters to bring all your electricity consumption data to the Synergi app!

We hope this has given you a glimpse of the new app subscription options and what we’ll offer in the future. We encourage you to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback for us at [email protected]

Thank you for your support, have a great upcoming spring!

Antti Hämmäinen

CEO & co-founder

Antti Hämmäinen