The first comprehensive report of how EV drivers in Finland use smart charging services

Smart charging is a cloud-based technology that optimizes the charging process for electric vehicle owners. It shifts the EV charging to off-peak times (usually also the cheaper hours of the day), helping consumers reduce costs and lower their carbon footprint.

With data from over one thousand electric vehicle drivers in Finland, the “Finland EV Smart Charging and Optimisation Report 2024” by Synergi shares insights about how electric vehicle (EV) owners in Finland are charging at home.

Who is the report for?

This report is designed to guide energy providers in utilizing the data gathered from smart electricity services to make their offerings more comprehensive and competitive.

It’s also a valuable read for anyone interested in understanding the advantages of EV smart charging for consumers and energy providers.

What you’ll learn

  • How EV smart charging can help balance the electrical grid
  • Why users with fixed-price contracts need motivators to use electricity efficiently
  • How digital solutions could shift the attitudes toward the adoption of spot price contracts
  • Why and how energy providers can deliver more than electricity contracts to customers
  • How Synergi can help your energy company build an EV smart charging app & more!

What does it include?

EV Smart Charging User Profiles

  1. The most popular EV brands and models.
  2. The EV types used in smart charging.
  3. The electricity contract types for EV smart charging users.
  4. The average EV smart charging savings.

EV Smart Charging Behaviors

  1. The average EV smart charging session per user.
  2. The most common EV smart charging times.
  3. The average charging power on EV smart charging sessions.

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