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Synergi launches smart electricity platform to help homes reduce costs and cut emissions


With Synergi’s smart electricity platform users with a spot price energy contract have saved on average 40% on their electric vehicle charging costs.

Helsinki (19.4.2023) – Synergi, a Finnish technology company accelerating the transition toward sustainable energy sources with smart software solutions for consumers and businesses, announces the launch of its smart electricity platform, which will cover electric vehicles and most major home electrical devices. This industry-first platform allows households and individuals to optimize their consumption when it’s the cheapest and produced from sustainable energy sources.

Synergi was founded in 2022 amid the European energy crisis and to solve the pressing challenges transitioning to fully sustainable energy sources will bring, such as grid inflexibility and increased electricity price volatility. The company combined the challenges with households’ pressing need to lower electricity costs and is building an all-in-one smart electricity platform covering electric vehicles and all major home electrical devices.

We are starting with electric vehicles today and soon with other major household electric devices. It is crucial for us to support households in becoming smarter on how they use electricity across all fronts, says Antti Hämmäinen, CEO and Co-Founder of Synergi. And not only that but enabling households to become part of the demand response markets. It makes the electricity market more efficient overall as we can use electricity when it makes sense.

Users can join the Synergi platform for free by opening an account and linking their electric vehicles to start smart charging. The platform will introduce new electrical devices such as heating, cooling, solar systems, and more in the upcoming months. Within the platform, users set their electricity consumption preferences, and Synergi will automatically optimize a user’s consumption by using electricity when it’s cheap. 

Synergi’s pilot, which ran from November 22′ to the beginning of April’ with over 100 electric vehicle drivers, revealed that while the main incentives for consumers are cutting down costs and avoiding manual work when optimizing energy consumption, reducing emissions is also an essential benefit of the platform. 

Studies show that optimizing EV charging can save up to 400 kg of CO2 annually. The average CO2 per European Citizen is 6.8 tCO, and road transportation is the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions throughout the European Union (including the UK and Iceland). Hence, this puts enormous pressure on individuals, as the target is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Technology platforms like Synergi can enable individuals to come together in this common goal and reduce emissions collectively.

The problem we are solving is timely on a Finnish scale and globally – and the need for automation will grow going forward. The more users we onboard, the more flexible capacity we have, allowing us to be in a better position to help the grid accommodate more sustainable energy sources, says Harri Iisakka, COO and Co-Founder of Synergi.

Synergi’s smart electricity platform will be available for all from April 19, 2023: joinsynergi.com

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Backed by Lifeline Ventures, APX, and Wave Ventures

Synergi is a Finnish technology company accelerating the transition toward sustainable energy sources with smart software solutions for consumers and businesses.

Synergi is the first smart electricity platform covering all major home electrical devices, allowing households to optimize their consumption to happen when it’s cheapest and produced from sustainable energy sources.

Synergi also provides turnkey smart electricity solutions for businesses to help make their customer’s energy consumption flexible and cost-efficient.

For consumers, getting started with Synergi happens in three easy steps:

  1. Log in and link devices: Electric vehicles, heating & cooling*, solar systems, and more. No extra hardware needed!
  2. Set up preferences: Decide when you want your car to be charged, home heating & cooling preferences, and set usage limits.
  3. Enjoy the savings: Synergi automatically optimizes a user’s consumption by using electricity when it’s cheap. Users reduce their energy bills without a fuss.

*Solar & Heating & Cooling will be released in Q2. Some heating & cooling units might require an additional air conditioning controller. 

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